Why buy a CD I hear you say?

Put simply, it is a wonderful way to show you support me as an artist.

Plus who doesn’t love something shiny and new that they can stick in their car? CDs are far from dying. Whilst streaming and downloading are increasingly popular, CDs are also on the rise!  Holding an album in your hand and seeing what’s inside is always a bonus!

To listen to or support Harrison the Artist, you can stream, buy digitally or buy a CD. Thank you!


Harrison is an Australian singer-songwriter, musician and artist. Primarily known as a drummer and percussionist, she also plays piano, guitar and sings.

Harrison has been playing piano since the age of five. Surrounded by music as a child with both her parents musicians, she topped music in year 12 and went on to the Conservatorium of Music, Sydney, learning from the Chair of Percussion. In fear of the unstable, somewhat tumultuous music industry, she went and completed a business degree as a safety net instead of pursuing a degree in music… read more.


Hear a few of seconds of each of the 15 songs from my debut album PLAN B on this video.

Plan B is a compilation of songs I wrote between 2001 and 2015.

Plan B reminds us we can choose to recreate ourselves when Plan A doesn’t work out.


Are you curious like me? I know once I start looking into something or someone I can go down into a vortex, a never ending spiral of enquiry. I find myself drowning in Youtube videos, news articles, blog posts until I feel like I know the person or topic intimately.