PLAN B Vernissage – The Muse Darlinghurst

A gorgeous guest enjoying a sip of wine with Harrison the Artist

Rai Thistlethwayte, Harrison the Artist, Will Hunter

Tim & Ruth Listening to ‘Wait’

I’ve heard you’re not a rockstar until you sign someone’s boobs, though once this started a few more jumped on board…

Some crazies that stayed on for the after party!

What the hell is a Vernissage anyway?

vernissage [ˌvɛːnɪˈsɑːʒ/]
~ it’s a French word meaning a private showing or preview of an art exhibition.

…. and just because i am a junkie when it comes to definitions, I held my Vernissage at MUSE at Darlinghurst:

muse [mjuːz/]
~ a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

On 6 October 2016, I held one of the most epic parties I have ever had: my PLAN B album launch. I learnt some special lessons doing this:
1. Art brings people together. Whether it is curiosity, a love of music, a love of the arts, a love of getting ya butt off the couch and down to the ‘local gallery darling’ to get in touch with your creative side… art acts as a conduit.
2. Key man dependency (needing back up when my key man is up the road at St Vincent’s hospital hours before starting was a good lesson – big companies have insurance for this and I can see why!)
3. People suck at RSVP-ing – I think I received about 100 RSVPs and there were between 200-300 that came – a HUGE turn out – blew my mind. Had a couple of awesome mates go and do a bottlo run at least two more times just to keep the guests happy!

A blurb from my bio below:
Harrison released her debut Album ‘Plan B’ on 7 October 2016. Between 200-300 friends, media, fellow musicians and recording artists attended Harrison’s exclusive Vernissage the night before. The Vernissage took place at an elegant Darlinghurst gallery where each of the 15 songs on the album had an audio-visual station that included the final song as well as demos, behind the scenes videos and original voice recordings, taking her listeners on a journey. Harrison believes that music is something not merely to be heard, but experienced. She arranged activities for some of the stations, for example, track 10: Lie With Her had a confession box where confessions were later typed and distributed on the song page: ( Track 9: Wait, Listeners were blindfolded. Track 5: Ladder, a snakes and ladders board found listeners rolling the dice and playing together. Other stations had thank you cards and posted out the next day, or tags with peoples names written on where if the timing was different in their lives they may have ended up with that person (Track 13: It’s Not Our Time). Harrison has recorded in studios in Europe and Australia and owns her own company in music tuition, sharing with others the joy in making and playing music.

A couple of my favourite pics from the night are here.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all that came, all that supported my, those that bought my album and those that listen to and share my music.