Harrison the Artist has made the decision to release the songs on her second album: B SIDE, as un-mastered singles, as she completes each re-mix. She will then master all songs together and release the album as a whole, in 2018.

After being awarded a scholarship at the prestigious SAE (Sound & Audio Engineering) Creative Institute, Byron Bay, in the discipline of electronic music production, Harrison the Artist is on a mission to re-mix her entire album, Plan B, as an electronic album: B Side.

Upon the advice of one of her trusted advisors, Gavin McInnes, she has made the decision to release singles, as they are completed, as opposed to an entire album at a distant time in the future.

“Gavin planted the seed and gave me the idea to release songs on a ‘song by song’ basis: as they are completed. I have decided to release un-mastered versions of all remixes, and then when the electronic album is complete, re-release the entire album after mastering. This way, fans can listen to the music after it has been mixed and as it is completed” Harrison said.