Harrison the Artist has commenced her Masters of Creative Industries with the SAE Creative Media Institute. 30 incredibly talented people applied for scholarship in the fields of Audio, Film, Graphics, Animation and Gaming. “I am thrilled to receive this scholarship and to be studying again in this innovative learning space”, Harrison said.

SAE Scholarships are awarded to high-achieving individuals who demonstrate outstanding scholarly ability as well as strong leadership skills and creative potential. SAE noted that Harrison’s submission was viewed highly by the SAE academic panel.

A big thank you to James Brice, Head of Co-Curricular Performing Arts for the Knox Academy of Performing Arts, at Knox Grammar School and Zoe Lindsay from Ladi Abundance for their support in the application.


As a part of Harrison’s Master’s degree, she is required, from time to time, to write public blogs and assignments, based on a number of assignments and activities. The blogs can be found here.