Lost Soul

Ab.  Eb.  Fm.  Eb. 
Db. Ab. Gb. Ab. 

God, if you’re listening,

Please tell me what I want

Because I’m waiting

For a sign to hit me hard

Stop hesitating

And keeping me in the dark

Time knows no boundaries 

And I’m only young once 


For a little while longer

I’m only young for a little while longer


Why do I feel so deeply inside?

Trying to reconcile my heart and my mind

Why do I let fear win most of the time?


If I’m not wasted

I’m sobering up

So I can get back to my cover up

What am I running away from


Am I the only one lost

And out control

Seem to destroy 

Wherever I go


People keep telling me

You gotta just let go


Ab.  Eb.  Fm.  Eb. 

So let go


We gotta face our demons some of the time

mine are particularly hard to find

am I just a lost soul whose totally blind





Some spirits hold you up 

Slap you in the face and shake you right up

and some just leave you totally cold


God, are you listening?

Please tell me what I want

Please stop pretending

And leaving me all alone

Because I’m searching

With an open heart


This Lost soul. 


Lost soul