Five years ago, I did one of the most brave, creative endeavours, I have ever embarked upon.

With the help of six, equally mad creatives, Joachim, Simon, Kirk, River Tree, Jacqui & Alex (thank you – you legends), we [ahem, well they] carried out a piano across the cliffs of Manly and Queenscliff so I could record a video clip for a song called Letting You Go.

The make up started at 3am and we started shooting around 5am or 6am from memory.

Because it was raining, we left the piano there to check footage before coming back to collect it, and in the meantime, some numpty pushed it off the cliff.

Media blew up and went viral / reaching the news in England and all over Australia. I had fans and haters, and it was my first real experience of both good and bad press. People were outraged by the “littering” that occurred and others were bewildered thinking it has “washed up from the titanic”.

I had lined up with a guy to take the piano after the shoot for a charity and had to break the news that some idiot had pushed it off the cliff.

A part of me wishes I just filled the legs with concrete and left it there.

On the news there were ‘piano experts’ who had their theories about how this piano got there – none of them picked up on the fact that the strings had been removed and I got my awesome admin Laura to make up a huge print of piano strings that we stuck in the piano to make it look like strings – if you look closely to the video clip you will see.

Anyway, five years later, I look back and I see this as one of my greatest achievements:

Something completely creative.

Something completely crazy.

Something not many would dare to do, try, or orchestrate.

Is it time you did something ‘crazy level’ creative?

I think so