I’ve got no money
so I hope you don’t mind
I’ve written you a song
that you can play a few times. 

I thought a love song might show you
how much we care 
And when the cost of living crisis stops
and interest rates go down,
and there are no more floods and fires
we can take you out for dinner and celebrate in style…

but until til then, we want to gift you, drum roll….

A bit of dirt. 
Well a few square meters to be precise,
Whilst we’d love to buy a toaster or fondue set, 
We thought a place for a cabin might be nice. 

With your CNC machine 
and your architect mind
We thought a side project 
Would take up more of your time

Instead of buying a block of
Rainforest prime 
You can have a bit of ours 
So you can save a dime. 

If we sell, you get a cut, 
but we think we’ll stay a while,
So if you want a slice of heaven
And build it over time

Please except our humble offer of
some plants and some trees 
Some waterfalls and bush walks 
And some birds and some bees 

They say love is patient
love is kind
But sometimes love is cranky
and sometime and you need a bit of time. 

So if you need a short break 
Or a weekend away
Just take a car or a plane
north of Byron Bay. 

So when ya mates ask
what you got for wedding gifts
You can say some were thoughtful
and some were the pits 

But then there’s,
Broni and Jay
They just showed up and gave us some clay

So we hope you both have
a happy wedding day
And that your love will grow
with time as you age 

When you get old and wrinkly
and you start to go grey 
we hope you’ll tell
the youth of the day 

We had a funny wedding gift many years ago,
it’s a song and some soil and this is how it goes…