Follow Your Head
Harrison the Artist – Vocals, Drums, Percussion
James Englund – Guitars
Rod Owen – Bass, Slide Guitar

Elin Bandmann – Photographer
Lexx West – Hair
Annaliese Campbell – Style Assistant

HARRISON wrote this song when she was 19 after one of her first loves broke up with her claiming that he was ‘ following his head’. The boy came from a very religious family and HARRISON felt constantly judged by them.

“It was an uphill battle trying to gain their acceptance and I couldn’t help but feel that his parent’s judgment of me filtered through to their son.” HARRISON said.

Thus the opening line ‘ Please don’t judge me’   with religious insinuations throughout the song.

Friend and Sydney Music Producer at Vienna Records, Michael McGlynn, said “that would make a great song” after showing it to him in 2002. Since then, HARRISON vowed to record it.

The guitar-centric song has a driven Natalie Imbruglia / Crowded House feel with a slide guitar solo at the end. The pop song serves to remind us that actions are worth more than words.