Harrison the Artist – Vocals, Drums, Piano, Percussion
James Englund – Guitars
Rod Owen – Bass
Andrew Oh – Saxophone & Flute
Mike Raper – Trombone
Ralph Pyl – Trumpet
Elin Bandmann – Photographer
Annaliese Campbell – Style Assistant


This passive-aggressive reggae song is about someone using other people for their own advantage. This type of person climbs up in the world with little consideration for those whom they tread on their way to the top. It has a full horn section and cheeky flute that dances around the melody like somebody whistling. “The song was fun to record. It uses humour and sarcasm. The hand ‘clap-clap’ implies a ‘good on-ya’, the kind of ‘clap-clap’ you would do when someone cuts you off in the traffic,” HARRISON said. There are subliminal sound effects throughout the whole song including ‘cha-ching’ money sounds, laughter as well as funky wah-wah pedals, steel drums and a catchy time-signature change in the chorus.