Lie With Her
Harrison the Artist – Vocals, Drums, Piano, Percussion
James Englund – Guitars
Rod Owen – Bass

Harrison the Artist – Video
Rod Owen – Videographer
Elin Bandmann – Photogapher

Lie With Her opens with a thunder storm. The song includes a number of perspectives: the voice of the ‘other woman’, and the paranoid voice of the ‘woman at home’. “It’s awesome how creating music makes me more empathetic to different sides of a story. Many people have experienced the themes in this song, yet don’t want to talk about it. Cheating is taboo, even though it’s ubiquitous,” HARRISON said.
A note from Harrison the Artist:

Those that came to my Plan B exhibition had an opportunity to write an anonymous confession at the song station for Lie With Her. Below is what people shared. Some are funny, some are sad, with many shades in between. I encourage anyone who might be feeling helpless or in distress to take steps to contact either a helpline or a qualified professional. It takes courage to seek support for yourself, and I hope that music can help you to overcome and move through the many obstacles that life can bring.

“I’m in love with more than one person and in a monogamous relationship.”

“I lack empathy and acceptance, especially of my mother and myself”

“I’m in love with my best friend. But I know I’m not strong enough for her”

“This song is brilliant Bron! Raw emotion…. (we all have skeletons in the closet!)

“One husband, three kids, another relationship. Perhaps love which isn’t chosen? <3 xx”

“I am a lesbian. Full Blown”

“I am proud of my sister!!!”

“I often eat food off the floor.”

“I hate the fact the only men I seem to attract are all either married in committed relationships. I hate the fact they only see me as the ‘fun fantasy’.What am I doing wrong to attract only this? If only men, any man, would take the time to get to know me, they would have seen years ago, i was, and still am, an amazing woman and a definite keeper”

“I’m never good enough. But it inspires me that you say it out loud. Love you xx”

“I’m too young to ask my partner to marry me and it’s killing me on the inside”

“I’ve held the universe in the palm of my hand!”

“Sometimes when I can’t sleep at night, I sneak out of the house and stand or sit in the middle of the street. I find it very peaceful, like I know something the rest of the world doesn’t, and when I am there I feel like I wouldn’t even care if I got hit by a car and die right there”

“I’ve slept with three women in 24 hours”

“I had a one year relationship with a married man that I knew would never leave his wife. But still, I continued the relationship just because it felt so good :)”

“Coolest introduction to an album yet. Super cool!!”

“I believe in fairies, angels, and demons, and I think they/we are all one in the same.”

“I stole two pieces of this paper.”

“Confession time… I love your work. :)”

“I confess to not wanting to grow old alone”

“I like to be the person that is there for everyone, but because everyone admires my overtly positive qualities, no-one ever asks if I’m doing well <3.”

“I have separated from my husband four years ago and haven’t told my family yet!”

“Sometimes I pray for him to die, so I can be free :(.”

“I am but a segment of the worm!”

“I like life and myself more when I am drunk”

“if I could I would just party. In fact, I still may throw it all away to dance on a foreign beach – hands up high in the night sky. In other words, I wanna swap my life.”

“I’ve cheated in my relationship and I think it’s because i didn’t really love him. Enough to care. Or enough to do the right thing. Or behave honourably.”

“I am a recovering co-dependant – which there is a 12-step program for!
– amazing
-self love
– interdependence”