Man I Met
Harrison the Artist – Vocals, Piano, Drums, Synth
James Englund – Guitar, Synth
Rod Owen – Bass, Synth

Mike Whyte – Videographer, Video Clip Producer

Gus Wyllie – Director
The Cotton Thief – Set location

Man: Chris Middleton
Barman: Dave Brown
Band: James Englund, Rob Ewan, Marc Krause
Extras: Borbála Bodonyi, Deanna Oswald, Toby Horn, Ivette Chedraui, Islay Nicklin

This soulful song is about falling out of love when you get to know someone better over time yet still holding on to, and being in love with, the person that they were.

The song’s slow motion feel and beginning was inspired by Jeff Buckley’s Everybody Here Wants You. Whilst the song has a bluesy feel, its straight-ballad style is the kind of song you might hear at a lonely cocktail bar in downtown New York.

With sensual guitar lines, the song is perfect at sunset; the end of the day; and a metaphor for the yearning we feel for a time that was lost.