Turn It All Around Remix
Harrison the Artist – Vocals, Producer

I really enjoyed re-working my original track Turn It All Around I wrote this in 2017 and it’s took me two years to release it. The mind of an artist sometimes goes like this:

  1. Why am I making music?
  2. Why bother to make music?
  3. What’s the point of making music?
  4. Who am I making music for?
  5. If I am making music for myself, what’s the point of releasing it?
  6. Will people get that I am deliberately being cheesy in my production style in this song?
  7. Do I care what people think?
  8. No.
  9. Then why release music?

And the cycle goes on.

And then I had a conversation with a photographer friend of mine, Maggie Dylan, who has been working towards an exhibition. She explained her own questioning of releasing art, the ‘whys’ and ‘why nots’ that circle our heads, as artists. We spoke about how some artistic projects are slowed down due to personal things that go on in our lives. As soon as she said this it rang like a big bell in my head. Sometimes things go on in our lives that question what we are doing as artists and make us seriously question what we are doing.  And then I was sad to think that she maybe wouldn’t release her art. And so in this, she encouraged me to release mine. Even though I have been sitting on it for years and even though I don’t particularly think it is anything special at all. But it’s ‘out there’ now. And once it is, it is none of my business how it is received. So there we go.