Harrison the Artist – Vocals, Drums, Piano, Percussion
James Englund – Guitars
Rod Owen – Bass, Synth

Adam Singer – Videographer, Video Clip Producer
Amanda Buchel – Videographer & Make Up
Anthony “Bowie” Boucaut – Airplanes
Lexx West – Hair


Recorded in Sydney in September 2015, Waterplane is a raw exploration of the euphoric nature of that wild phase of falling in love – the desire, the sex, the sweat. That feeling of your heart racing and the breathlessness, always tinged with that ache of anxiety at the thought of losing that high.

Its about the desire to stay on the high of new love and not come down.

This story will probably always remain a secret, and one of life’s mysteries, on so many levels.

HARRISON wrote the song on a plane, herself in a state of initial love and longing. Jotting it down on the back of her Qantas boarding pass, the first thing she did when she got home was to put it to music; I literally got off the plane, got home, walked into my house, dumped my bags, sat at the piano and played.

If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of a seaplane engine and a propeller. HARRISON attempted to record the sounds directly from the plane at Cairns International Airport, but then later recreated them in the studio with Rod “Rocket” Owen.