SOME SPECIAL NEWS: Melbourne producer, SingSing, has remixed Waterplane

As an artist, one of the most complimentary things another artist can do, is be so touched by your music that they want to either do an arrangement or remix of it. And that, is exactly what Melbourne Producer #SingSing has done. SingSing is a multi-talented dude. Firstly, he filmed, edited and produced my videoclip Waterplane, along with the creative, daring, and simply gorgeous artist: Amanda Buchel.

SingSing loved Waterplane so much that he asked for my vocals and made this truely epic, gritty, wicked, electronic track (that, whilst entirely different to the original, I secretly think his version is better than the original!) A true talent. Now, do me a favour – CRANK this in the car.

Anyone feel like giving triple j a call and getting it on radio, be my guest – I’ll be posting you a free copy of my album, to say thanks for the phone call. Check it out here: Waterplane Remix