Follow Your Head

Please don’t judge me
because your not my God
I didn’t mean for it to be this hard

Come and rescue me
from this loneliness
because only you can fill
what you stole

So I run away
because it’s easier
I know you’ve
been told to hide from Pain

so follow your head
because it’s easier
put that heart
right away

So take this heart of mine
because I only it can tell
what’s left unspoken

You deserve better
that’s what ‘they’ say
if only I could learn
from ‘they’

Can I tell you
that your walk
will always
overtake your talk

I’ll never ask what if
because I know
it’s what you reap
is what you sow

Whatever you ask for
whatever you need
please remember
you hold the key

this is useless
change me please
because the holder
doesn’t seize….. the day

So excuse me for missing you
I wanted to stay
but that mind of yours
got in the way

I fall down on my knees
all I can do is pray
you take a piece of me
When you walk away


See the full video clip here.